lighting up your night


MistyBubbles - bringing balls of "de-light" to your fave cocktails

Lighten up your drinks!

MistyBubbles are ingenious little balls designed specifically to light up your smoky drinks and volcanic cocktails – literally!


Why go for MistyBubbles?

Keeping consumers safe

Just like MistyStix, MistyBubbles will have your guests or customers marvelling at the visual effect combining dry ice with these glowing, multi-coloured balls in their beverages.

They are cleverly designed to ensure they never come into contact with the dry ice, ensuring there is no danger of ingestion or cold burns.

Unique and Practical

Nothing works like MistyBubbles. Nothing impresses more than the volcanic light show these offer.

Using them couldn’t be easier, either. Pop open the lid, insert the dry ice pellet, close the lid, turn over and press the button multiple times until you get the colour you want, and drop them in your drink. End of story!

Economy and Sustainability

Being reusable (just hand wash them after every use), MistyBubbles are extremely cost-effective, paying their way by offering added value to any cocktail drink.

Instead of discarding multiple single-use devices, users can rely on MistyBubbles time and time again, getting lasting value from their investment.

C'mon - how do they work ?


...just add dry ice (again)!

If you read our page describing just what MistyStix are, you’ll already remember that dry ice will release vapour (the smoke effect you want) when it comes into contact with liquid.

MistyBubbles contain a compartment where the dry ice pellet goes, giving you that volcano effect.

And just like a volcano, you get an impressive light show too!

Here are a couple of MistyBubbles.

You can see very clearly the lid and the compartment where the dry ice goes.

After you remove the safety warning label (see more on that below), you open the lid, and then using tongs or wearing gloves, place your dry ice pellet in the compartment and then close the lid.

On the base of the MistyBubble you will see a tiny button.

Pressing this button once will illuminate the MistyBubble.

Pressing it again will change MistyBubble to another colour.

And so on…

And so forth…


MistyBubble showing the light button
After you have gone through the range of colours by continuously pressing the button, you will arrive at one last option.
The final press causes the MistyBubble to cycle through its complete range of colours smoothly and without interruption.

And this is what you get.

And of course you can mix and match:

  • add a MistyStix
  • or add another MistyBubble and use different colour combinations.

Whatever effect you want to achieve, MistyBubbles will get you there!

Halloween and MistyBubbles
A MistyStix and MistyBubble cocktail

Finally, once the drink is finished, switch the light show off by pressing the button for a couple of seconds.

Now it’s time to hand-wash, rinse and dry your MistyBubble, ready for the next drink.

MistyBubbles are sold in boxes containing three pods.

Their operating life is approximately one year of normal use. Therefore they should provide many hours of extra special drinking pleasure to you or your customers.

MistyBubbles and frogs

MistyBubbles are not toys

It contains small parts and constitutes a choking hazard for children aged 6 years and under.

Just as with alcoholic drinks, remember to exercise extreme caution if children are around.

MistyBubble is not a toy


Care Information


MistyBubbles are not designed as single-use items. They can be used over and over again, just like your glassware.

Handwash Only

Keeping your MistyBubbles clean is simple: Hand wash using washing-up liquid and plenty of hot water, rinse then leave to dry.

Washing Tip

When you've lots of MistyBubbles to clean, try placing them in a mesh bag first to make the whole process easier and avoid losses.

Health & Safety

MistyBubbles are made from food-grade plastic and are fully certified as suitable for use with food and beverages.


MistyBubbles are made from polypropylene and contain a LED and a lithium cell. Dispose of these per your country's legislation.

Customer Support

If you require any further information on MistyBubbles, then please do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.