MistyStix – A brief history

While Henry Ford may indeed have said “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it’s black”, referring to his Model T, his reasons for producing the world’s very first “people’s car” (or “volkswagen” in German) in just one colour for ten of the nineteen years it was manufactured, have been subject to much speculation.

It is now widely accepted that the sole reason he offered his car in just one colour – black – was because he wanted to keep the cost down.

The Ford Motor Company did in fact offer the Model T Ford in other colours either side of the ten-year period when black was the only offering, though the decision to focus on a wholly-black vehicle was quite probably instrumental in getting the sale price of the motorcar down from $850 to just $260 (which is less than $7000 dollars in today’s money).

While not quite as famous as the Model T, MistyStix nevertheless underwent a similar developmental history, and much to the chagrin of some who continue to come across images of multicoloured MistyStix all across the Internet, the manufacturer has had to stop mass production of a range of colours simply because this had the effect of pushing up the price dramatically.

Initially, MistyStix were available in a range of solid and transparent colours: green, yellow, blue, black and red. The main driving force behind offering multicoloured MistyStix was the ability to mix and match MistySticks to the crazy range of colours which cocktails came in.

This resulted in escalating costs, shortages of the most popular colours – and surpluses of less popular ones.

The solution would most certainly have received Mr Ford’s approval, which was to manufacture them in just one colour. Well, it’s not even really a colour. MistyStix are now produced in a transparent white, the logic being that they will fit in with any colour cocktail drink.

What we can do, however, for those who are still wanting to get hold of coloured MistyStix, is to manufacture to order. There is, of course, a minimum order for any individual colour, but if you are looking to obtain MistyStix in, say, your company’s corporate blue (or green or yellow or red, in either solid or transparent), then we can do this. Just drop us a line and tell us what you need.

If you want more information on MistyStix, then check out our dedicated website : www.mistystix.com.


In the meantime, please be aware that there remains a very large number of photos and videos showing different coloured MistyStix floating around the Web. But none are currently available for sale.