MistyBubble – adding colour to your smoky cocktails

MistyBubbles are ingenious little balls designed specifically to light up your smoky drinks and volcanic cocktails – literally!

You can either set them to glow in your preferred colour or if you prefer, set them to cycle through their complete range of colours smoothly and without interruption.

They're brilliant ! You've just got to see them for yourself!
Bar manager

Dishwasher safe, these pods are made from food grade plastic and the tiny cells are fully sealed to ensure no contamination of drinks.

Simply open the lid, pop in a few pieces of appropriately sized dry ice, close the lid, press the button on the base repeatedly until you find the colour you want, then pop the MistyBubble into your drink.

If it floats to the top, just use a cocktail stick or a few slices of lemon or lime to keep it at the bottom of the glass.

To switch the LED on, press the button on the base of the MistyBubble, holding it down for a couple of seconds.

Then to “scroll” through the colours or to set the LED to automatically cycle through its complete spectrum of colours, simply give the button a series of short presses, stopping when you get the effect you are looking for.

Finally, to switch the LED off, again press and hold down the button for a couple of seconds.

Time to wash, rinse and dry your MistyBubble ready for your next party drink!

MistyBubbles are now sold in boxes, with three pods to a box. They have an operating life of approximately one year of normal use, so should provide many hours of extra special drinking pleasure to you or your customers.

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Care Information


MistyBubbles are not designed as single-use items. They can be used over and over again, just like your glassware.

Wash by hand

But they do appreciate a little TLC. Keep MistyBubbles in pristine condition by opening the hatch and washing by hand.

Washing Tip

MistyBubbles are extremely light, so to prevent them breaking or getting lost in the sink, place them in a mesh bag first.

Health & Safety

MistyBubbles are made from food-grade plastic and are certified as suitable for use with food and beverages.


MistyBubbles contain a sealed and leak-proof cadmium cell. You must dispose of them per your country's legislation.

Customer Support

If you require any further information on MistyBubbles, then get in touch with us by clicking here.