500 MistyStix Catering Pack


Catering pack of 500 MistyStix
* Fully Reusable
* Dishwasher proof
* Fully recyclable
* Instructions included
* Dry Ice NOT included

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Pack of 25 individual MistyStix

MistyStix turn any cocktail party into a smouldering, exciting, atmospheric event you’ll remember for years to come

MistyStix are reusable, dishwasher-proof, certified food-grade cocktail swizzle sticks that can hold a pellet of dry ice which will immediately begin to smoulder when you clip the MistyStix securely to the edge of the glass.

They are completely safe when used following the instructions provided with every pack; just remember to order your dry ice from your usual supplier or from any of our partner resellers.

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Weight 3999 g
Dimensions 27 × 44 × 28 cm


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